Kasia Cleaning LLC Safety Cleaning Tips:

1. Please remember that floors and stairs may be wet after mopping.
2. Place anti-slip strips on rugs.
3. Avoid tripping by not leaving loose items like toys, wires, and etc on floors / steps.
4. Wear rubber gloves and/or face masks to avoid contact with cleaning products.
5. Keep cleaning products away from heat and out of reach of children and pets.
6. Before use, check for proper ratios with water concentrated cleaning products. Avoid mixing chemicals.
7. Ventilate rooms before you clean.
8. Before using cleaning products, read the instructions.
9. Change dishcloths / spangle frequently.

Pet Owner Tips 🐶🐱🐰

Kasia’s Cleaners love furry friends! Our cleaners look forward to seeing your four-legged friends each time they come. However, if your pets do not like strangers or our presence may cause them stress, you may want to keep them somewhere secure and out of the way on your scheduled cleaning day.