• Basic cleaning check list:


  1. Clean sink and faucet
  2. Clean appliance exteriors
  3. Clean inside and outside microwave
  4. Clean stove top
  5. Damp wipe cabinet doors
  6. Clean counters
  7. Vacuum and mop floor
  8. Polish stainless steel surfaces
  9. Empty trash


  1. Clean sinks, counters
  2. Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers, mirrors, and chrome fixtures
  3. Wipe down vanity doors
  4. Vacuum and mop floors
  5. Empty trash

All Rooms

  1. Make bed or change linen
  2. Pick up and straighten
  3. Dust sills, ledges, and baseboards
  4. Clean mirrors
  5. Remove cobwebs
  6. Dust furniture
  7. Vacuum / mop all accesable floors
  8. Vacuum / mop stairs
  9. Empty trash
  • Deep Cleaning check list:


  1. Wash down inside and outside of all reachable cabinets
  2. Wash down & disinfect interior and exterior of fridge & freezer
  3. Wash inside and outside of the microwave
  4. Wash down backsplash
  5. Wash down countertops
  6. Wash down oven & stovetop
  7. Wash & disinfect sink
  8. Vacuum and mop floors
  9. Empty trash


  1. Wash shower walls, fixtures, and doors
  2. Wash bathtube & faucets
  3. Wash down mirrors
  4. Wash countertops & sink faucet
  5. Clean toilet
  6. Wash down vanity
  7. Empty trash 

All rooms

  1. Wash mantel / shelves / picture frames
  2. Wash tabletops
  3. Dust electronics
  4. Wash baseboards / doors / trims
  5. Dust top of all reachable cabinets / furniture
  6. Wipe down table and chair
  7. Dust furniture
  8. Dust ceiling / clean corner of room / cobwebs
  9. Wash window sills
  10.  Vacuum floors, rugs, strairs / Mop all accesable floors
  11. Empty trash


Your search for a reliable residential cleaning service is over. Kasia Cleaning has the experience, dedication, and equipment to keep your house space in order. We take a great amount of pride in what we do, and our clients know this.

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$30 Cancellation fee will be applied to cleaning appointment without 24 hour in advanced notice.